Children's Ministry

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Children's Ministry Contacts

Ruth Doran | Sunday School Superintendent |

What We Offer

Bray Methodist Church offers a number of options for young people on Sunday mornings.  Every week there is a well-run crèche for babies and pre-schoolers, with a variety of toys and activities available.  Older children of primary school age divide into two classes, where they learn more about God through games, arts and crafts, Bible stories and prayers.  Discussion Group is available for children of secondary school age, depending on numbers wishing to avail of it. 


The aim of the Sunday School is to encourage the children to have a personal relationship with their loving Father through Jesus Christ.  Through a carefully planned programme, and with the support of the rest of the church, the hope is that no child will be left puzzled in regard to what Christianity is all about.  The level of teaching is gentle and nothing is forced.  Children are encouraged to ask questions, and are often given something to think about during the week, such as a Bible verse.  They are also encouraged to partake in the morning service as much as possible, whether it is playing instruments, reading prayers or performing dramas.   Every year the Sunday School partake in the Junior Mission For All (JMA) programme, which introduces children to global needs around the world through activities and DVD’s.


Visiting children are very welcome to join the Sunday School and Discussion Group every Sunday.  All teachers in the church are Garda-checked, and child protection guidelines are followed.