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 Some Thoughts for the Month of June 2018

We are given gifts for a good reason                                                                                                     If we are not practical, it’s good to know we can call on plumbers and electricians to sort out our house problems.  Some people are gifted with practical knowledge and skills, and we could not do without them.

Other people are more creative and artistic. Such folk may not be able to build a house, but they can fill it with beauty and meaning through their music, painting, sculpture and books.

The Bible mentions Bezalel and Oholiab, who lived in Moses’ time. Bezalel’s specialty was working with metals; cutting and setting jewels and carving wood. Oholiab was an engraver, a designer and a weaver. Together, these two men had great skill, understanding and creativity, and made the Tabernacle the beautiful dwelling that it was.

Many years later, King Solomon commissioned Huram, a native of Tyre, to make objects for the Temple out of gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone and wood. He also made coloured cloths and linen. Without Huram’s expertise, the magnificence of the Temple in Jerusalem would not have been realised or remembered!

Such people should encourage us as we seek to discover God’s plan for our lives. We, too, are called to be faithful in serving God through using whatever particular gifts He has given us.  Faithful obedience is what matters, not whether or not we end up in a position of responsibility, or in a quiet backwater.  ‘Success’ for a Christian is not fame, but a deeper walk, and more fruitful walk, with God.

In fact, the majority of Christians are called to serve God without fame or recognition. Our aim should be to simply love God and to express this in the service of others, with whatever skill or gift we have been given.

If we give ourselves to God, He will prepare us and use us in the way that best suits our gifts and personalities. We might not have the special skills of Bezalel, Oholiab and Huram, but there is always something we can do for God. Let’s seek out God’s gifts and use them for His glory