Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (2024)

Our Picks for the Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC.

As June wraps up, we bid farewell to Caribbean American Heritage Month, a vibrant celebration of the Caribbean community’s enduring influence on local culture. New York City, with its rich tapestry of residents from Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and other Caribbean nations, showcases this impact beautifully through its diverse food, music, and fashion. Across the five boroughs, the culinary scene is particularly enriched by Caribbean flavors, each offering unique and delicious experiences.

While the debate over which cuisine reigns supreme is never-ending, one thing is certain: the Caribbean community’s contributions are unparalleled. To honor this dynamic culture, we have compiled a list of our top ten favorite Caribbean restaurants in New York City. Though we might be a bit partial, we assure you, that these are must-try spots.

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  1. Kokomo—Williamsburg
  2. HAAM—Williamsburg
  3. Tatiana By Kwame Onwuachi
  4. Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine—Midtown West
  5. Sugarcane—Park Slope
  6. Omar’s Kitchen and Rum Bar—Lower East Side
  7. Ariapita—Midwood
  8. Imani Caribbean Kitchen—Fort Green
  9. Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe—East Village
  10. The Door—Jamaica, Queens
  11. Concluding Our Picks for the Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC.
Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (1)


Enter a lively haven where Art Deco sophistication meets vibrant island vibes at this stylish Caribbean restaurant. The dynamic duo, Kevol, and Ria Graham bring their extensive expertise from the hospitality and nightlife scene, enriched by their Caribbean heritage—Kevol’s Jamaican roots and Ria’s Trinidadian-Grenadian background—to create Kokomo. The atmosphere brims with the rhythmic sounds of dancehall, soca, and Afrobeats, harmonizing perfectly with expertly crafted island-inspired co*cktails, making it impossible not to groove along in your seat.

We recommend starting your culinary journey with the Ackee & Saltfish Stuffed Plantain Cups and Curry Rock Shrimp Tempura. Move on to the Yardie Shrimp Flatbread, Wah Gwaan Flatbread, and the Oxtail Flatbread for an explosion of flavors. For main courses, you can not go wrong with the NY Pork Chop, Tomahawk Steak, Red Snapper, or Braised Oxtail. To round off your meal, indulge in the Rum Raisin Bread Pudding or Baileys Cheesecake.

Do not miss out on their bottomless brunch, available on weekends and Fridays during the summer, for an unforgettable dining experience.

65 Kent Avenue—Williamsburg
(347) 799-1312

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (2)


Nestled in East Williamsburg, HAAM—aptly named ‘Healthy As A Motha.’ A delightful plant-based Caribbean eatery that combines the rich flavors of Dominican cuisine with vibrant Trinidadian influences. It is a loving tribute to Chef/Owner Yesenia Ramdass’s heritage and her husband Randy’s roots. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance, adorned with lush greenery and captivating murals, transports diners to the sun-drenched shores of the islands. Sipping on fresh coconut water here feels like a warm embrace of hospitality, inviting patrons into a culinary oasis.

HAAM’s menu is a celebration of plant-based cuisine, emphasizing sustainable and ethical dining practices. From savory Trinidadian classics like Bake and Shark to Dominican staples such as Yuh Motha’s Mofongo, every dish showcases a dedication to flavor and innovation.

Start your journey at the bar with refreshing options like the Wine Blossom or the Guava ‘Mosa. The Empanadas Trio is a must-try, featuring three distinct empanadas crafted with plant-based excellence. Try the Curry Chik’n, Beef, and Chik’n and Cheese for flavors that transcend expectations. Do not miss Yuh Motha’s Ceviche, tender hearts of palm atop a golden fried plantain with Tamarind Chutney and Peppah Sauce, offering a burst of Caribbean zest.

For the main course, indulge in the Buss Up Shut Roti Plate, where flaky, freshly made roti accompanies curry chik’n, pumpkin, bhaji, and curry mango for a symphony of tastes. Alternatively, savor Yuh Motha’s Mofongo, a fusion of green and sweet plantains with tempeh bacon, oyster mushrooms, and a luscious curried cream sauce. The Chimichurri Chunk Steak, a plant-based marvel served with tangy chimichurri sauce, rice, beans, and tostones, is another standout choice.

End your culinary adventure on a sweet note with Cassava Pone paired with Soursop Ice Cream, a delightful finale that captures the essence of Caribbean indulgence.

234 Union Avenue—East Williamsburg
(212) 271-0110

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (3)

Tatiana By Kwame Onwuachi

Tatiana pays homage to New York with heartfelt sincerity. Chef Kwame’s culinary journey beautifully intertwines the flavors, scents, and textures of his childhood memories, guided by his sister Tatiana, a beacon of culinary inspiration. Rooted in his Afro-Caribbean heritage via the Bronx, the menu at Tatiana’s embodies the city’s diverse culinary landscape, weaving together African, Caribbean, Southern, and other traditions into a tapestry of flavors that tell Chef Kwame’s personal story.

Located within the prestigious David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, Tatiana’s offers a dining experience elevated by its iconic setting. Here, guests can indulge in a fusion of extraordinary flavors, embarking on a culinary voyage that spans continents and celebrates Chef Kwame’s artistic prowess amidst one of New York’s cultural landmarks.

While securing a reservation remains a challenge, rave reviews from friends and family who have dined there only heighten our anticipation. They recommend starting with the Curried Goat Patties, Oxtail & Crab Rangoon, or the Black Bean Hummus. For larger shares, the Fried Branzino, Braised Oxtails, Mom Duke’s Shrimp, or Short Rib Pastrami Suya come highly recommended. No visit is complete without indulging in the Golden Rum Cake and Bodega Special, ensuring a memorable culinary adventure at Tatiana’s.

10 Lincoln Center Plaza [Inside David Geffen Hall]—Upper West Side
(212) 875-5222

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (4)

Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine—Midtown West

Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine, nestled in Midtown West offers a delightful escape to the islands with its vibrant menu inspired by Dominica, Antigua, St. Thomas, Trinidad, and Jamaica. Each dish bursts with bold spices, tropical fruits, and rich stews, evoking the essence of home-cooked Caribbean meals. Whether you are in the mood for jerk chicken, curry goat, or roti, Jasmine’s provides an authentic and flavorful experience.

The restaurant often comes alive with the sound of live music, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The warm and attentive staff are eager to recommend dishes and share stories about Caribbean culture. The decor, featuring colorful murals, tropical plants, and reggae tunes, transports you straight to the islands.

Do not miss their seafood offerings, from coconut shrimp to grilled fish, and vegetarians will appreciate the variety of veggie-friendly choices. As one of our top picks for best Black-owned brunch spots, Jasmine’s serves hearty portions, so come hungry. Their weekend brunch menu is a must-try, featuring classics like ackee and saltfish, alongside creative twists on traditional favorites. Though it may be a hidden gem, Jasmine’s is well worth discovering. Next time you are in Midtown West, indulge in the rich flavors of the Caribbean at Jasmine’s.

371 West 46th Street—Midtown West

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (5)

Sugarcane—Park Slope

Sugarcane has established itself as a beloved staple in the neighborhood and one of the pioneering dine-in Caribbean restaurants in Brooklyn. This inviting spot, ideal for a romantic evening or enjoying live music, fills up fast, so reservations are highly recommended.

Begin your meal with the Callaloo Soup and the Canboulay Platter Sampler for a delightful introduction to their starters. For the main course, our top picks include Curry Shrimp, Trinidad Chinese Shrimp, Jerk Salmon, Rib Eye Steak, and Braised Oxtail. Sugarcane is also a happy hour destination [Monday through Friday, 5 to 7 PM], offering discounted-priced co*cktails with a Caribbean twist, such as Sorrel Margarita.

Do note that it can get quite lively, so be prepared for a bustling atmosphere.

238 Flatbush Avenue—Park Slope
(718) 230-3954

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (6)

Omar’s Kitchen and Rum Bar—Lower East Side

Omar’s Kitchen and Rum Bar is a vibrant, lively spot in New York City’s Lower East Side. It captures the essence of Jamaica’s dancehall scene with its colorful hand-lettered art, murals, neon signs, and upcycled packaging from Wray & Nephew and Appleton Estate.

Chef Omar draws inspiration from his Jamaican roots and Caribbean travels, creating a unique fusion of Caribbean flavors with an urban New York twist. His interest in Jamaica’s native fruits and vegetables has led him to experiment with blending these cultural elements, even exploring vegan Caribbean dishes.

The bartenders here craft exceptional co*cktails, such as the Goldeneye, a nod to one of Omar’s favorite Jamaican places, featuring Blackwell rum, pineapple juice, and a splash of lime juice, shaken not stirred. Other standout drinks include the Shotta Love Story, made with cognac, soursop, and passion fruit. And the Spicy Mango Margarita “Pump Up Har P#M P#M,” made with a tantalizing blend of mango puree, honey-infused jalapeño, and tequila.

For the main course, you can not go wrong with the Brown Stew Red Snapper, Coconut Crusted Soursop Glazed Salmon, Curry Shrimp Plantain Gnocchi Rasta Pasta, or Escovitch Catfish. Feeling adventurous? Try the coconut curry oxtail, a unique twist on a Caribbean classic. Weekends offer a bottomless mimosa brunch featuring delights like Fried Catfish with Waffles.

Omar’s Kitchen is perfect for brunch, dinner parties, and enjoying seasonal specialties.

29A Clinton Street—Lower East Side
(646) 866-6993

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (7)


Meet Ariapita, the culinary vision of Chef Osei Blackett, a proud Trinidadian who fondly recalls his earliest kitchen experiences alongside his mother. Affectionately known as ‘Chef Picky,’ his passion for cooking ignited at a young age, leading him to immigrate to the United States at 20 to further refine his culinary skills.

Ariapita celebrates the flavors of Trinidad and Tobago, distinguishing itself by also spotlighting the cuisine of Tobago, a rarity among Caribbean eateries in the area. While Trinidadian dishes like pelau and buss up shut are staples, Ariapita’s menu uniquely features Tobagonian specialties such as curry crab and dumplings—a beloved classic from the island. Other highlights include Chinese-style chicken, Geera Wings, and Whole Stewed Fish prepared with Chef Picky’s authentic touch reminiscent of home.

Complement your meal with inventive co*cktails like the Guava Rum Punch, Mauby Sour, and Chow For Now, each crafted to enhance your dining experience with a taste of the Caribbean’s vibrant flavors.

1197 Flatbush Avenue—Flatbush

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (8)

Imani Caribbean Kitchen—Fort Green

Imani is a vibrant addition to Brooklyn’s culinary tapestry, embodying a return to the warmth of home-cooked meals with a fusion of traditional Caribbean flavors and Brooklyn’s distinctive flair. Nestled in a corner brownstone along DeKalb Avenue’s trendy restaurant row, this beloved Caribbean eatery offers a menu brimming with market specials, aromatic jerk spices, comforting classics, and expertly crafted rum co*cktails.

Begin your culinary journey with innovative starters like ackee and saltfish spring rolls, a delightful twist on Jamaica’s national dish, or the Beachside Fish Tacos featuring pickled cabbage, cheese, pineapple, mango, and jerk mayo. Don’t miss the Oxtail Croquette with chipotle aioli or the Jerk Shrimp Tostones adorned with pico de gallo, guacamole, and plantain chips—both guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds.

For main courses, indulge in dishes such as the Big Red Escabeche Snapper, bursting with mixed bell peppers, carrots, Scotch bonnet pepper, chayote, and fragrant jasmine rice. Alternatively, savor the richness of Oxtail Pappardelle with creamy tomato sauce and truffle oil, or delight in the Upstream Scotty featuring coconut-infused Scottish salmon and sweet plantains.

Imani’s acclaimed rum punch, crafted with Jamaica’s Wray & Nephew rum, is a must-try, especially during their enticing happy hour with half-off specials.

Though currently closed for renovations, Imani is an unforgettable dining experience upon reopening.

271 Adelphi Street—Fort Greene
(718) 923-0100

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (9)

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe—East Village

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe is a standout destination in New York City, celebrated for its unique dishes like Ackee Hummus and Caribbean Pumpkin Soup that can not be found elsewhere [in my opinion]. The vibe at Miss Lily’s is a fusion of East Village punk aesthetics with an 80s Jamaican diner flair, reflected in its vibrant decor featuring bold colors, checkered floors, and a wraparound bar with high stools. The restaurant pays homage to the vintage East Village bodegas that once defined the neighborhood.

While the ambiance is captivating, the food and co*cktails truly steal the show. Indulge in favorites like Jerk Corn, codfish fritters, and Hot Pepper Shrimp. Signature dishes include Jamaican Curry Shrimp, Jerk Pork Spare Ribs, and Jerk Ramen. Special themed options such as Jerk Fest Mondays, Jerk Crab Boil Tuesdays, and Jerk Surf N’ Turf Wednesdays offer enticing all-you-can-eat and specialty dishes.

Miss Lily’s 7A serves lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, and a late-night menu, catering to the vibrant nightlife of the East Village. Their Rum Bar boasts an impressive selection of over 100 Caribbean rums, alongside co*cktails like the iconic Frozen Piña Colada slushy and a must-try Rum Punch. It is a culinary experience that blends culture, flavor, and atmosphere into a memorable dining adventure.

109 Avenue A—Alphabet City
(212) 812-1482

Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (10)

The Door—Jamaica, Queens

The Door is a beloved fixture in Jamaica, Queens, cherished by locals and revered by Jamaicans seeking a comforting Sunday brunch spot post-church. It is not just the delightful Seafood and Chicken buffet on Thursdays or the hearty breakfast spread on Sunday mornings that draw us in. It is the authentic, traditional Caribbean fare served in an inviting and elegant setting. From flavorful curries to succulent jerk chicken and a variety of fish prepared in distinct styles, The Door offers a culinary journey that feels like a warm embrace of home every time we visit.

The Door holds a special place in our hearts, not only for its delicious offerings. But also for its welcoming ambiance that makes every visit feel like a gathering of family and friends. Whether enjoying the diverse menu selections or savoring the comforting atmosphere, The Door is our go-to destination for authentic Caribbean flavors and a sense of belonging.

163-07 Baisley Boulevard—Jamaica
(718) 525-1083

Concluding Our Picks for the Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC.

The Caribbean restaurants in NYC featured here offer a vibrant tapestry of flavors and atmospheres. Each brings a unique blend of cultural heritage and culinary artistry to the city’s dining scene. From the elegant fusion of Art Deco refinement at one venue to the lively, home-cooked feel of another, these establishments celebrate Caribbean cuisine with authenticity and flair.

Whether savoring traditional dishes like jerk chicken and curry shrimp or indulging in innovative creations such as ackee hummus and coconut curry oxtail, these eateries capture the essence of Caribbean culinary traditions while adding their distinct twists. With their inviting ambiance, diverse menus, and dedication to quality, these spots are not just places to eat but destinations to experience the rich flavors and warm hospitality of the Caribbean right in the heart of New York City.

Treat yourself to the vibrant world of Caribbean cuisine right here in NYC and discover why these spots are beloved by locals and visitors alike. While this article highlights our top ten Caribbean restaurants in NYC, stay tuned for our complete registry of Caribbean restaurants in NYC, coming soon.”

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Top Ten Caribbean Restaurants in NYC (2024)


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